From the human to the planetarium. The metamorphosis of health and the wild

with Lucilla Barchetta

11 June 2023
11:30 - 12:00
Lucilla Barchetta deepens the relationship between humans and non-humans through the Planetary health topic. Tracing the different metamorphoses of the wild, from the urban context to the scientific laboratories, the ways in which humans and non-humans have modified and hybridized with each other to explore potentialities, limits and political ambivalences of the intersections between ecology, technoscience and health in the Anthropocene will be investigated.


Lucilla Barchetta

Lucilla Barchetta

Anthropologist and PhD in Urban Studies. Her research interests intersect the themes of multispecific health, ecology and technoscience. She is the author of La Rivolta Del Verde. Nature e rovine a Torino. She collaborates with the Ca’ Foscari university of Venice.