Garden Dreams

with Rebediani Scaccabarozzi Landscapes

11 June 2023
17:00 - 18:00
"Gardens and dreaming have the same transitory quality that makes them hard to describe from beginning to end. Putting the two together in a garden dream is doubly illusive. My garden dream is as vivid as any dream, in the dreaming of it. But I carry only vague images into the waking hours: stone walls, great lawns, woodland paths, small pools, cascading roses, clematis, and an entanglement of other flowers as they transform through the seasons. When I enter my real garden, I can't recognize much of the dream at all." [...]

From Garden Dreams, edited by Ferris Cook, Stewart, Tabori & Chang, New York, New York, 1991


Lorenzo Rebediani e Vera Scarabozzi

Rebediani Scaccabarozzi Landscapes

Rebediani Scaccabarozzi Landscapes is a landscape architecture studio founded in 2018 in Milan by Lorenzo Rebediani and Vera Scaccabarozzi. The studio works on the complex interweaving of processes that define a landscape. Their gardens aspire to be living systems capable of growing and evolving with the people who inhabit them and range from private gardens, community environments, experimental cultural projects, to museum landscapes.