Multi-naturalistic design and anthropology

with Andrea Staid

11 June 2023
12:00 - 13:00
Can we change the world by rethinking the ways we inhabit, design and build what surrounds us? To save us from disaster, the concept of eco-systemic or multi-naturalistic plurality can help us deconstruct the ways we look at and conceive “nature” (which is not a place, but an organism that includes us), to found an ecology where all the living species interact without species borders.


Andrea Staid

Andrea Staid

Research doctor and Professor of Cultural and Visual Anthropology. He directs the Meltemi’s series named Biblioteca/Antropologia and collaborates with several newspapers; he wrote I dannati della metropoli, Gli arditi del popolo, Abitare illegale, Le nostre braccia, Senza Confini, Contro la gerarchia e il dominio, Disintegrati, La casa vivente, Essere natura.