Syntropic Materials. Designing materials to design forests

with Eugenia Morpurgo

10 June 2023
16:30 - 17:00
Industrialization has led to a gradual impoverishment of the ecosystems from which we extract resources. In the face of the rich biodiversity of our planet, the modern world has been built on the exploitation of material and ecological monocultures. Is it possible to overturn this paradigm? Syntropic Materials looks at biomaterials as tools to design production processes based on the creation of agro-ecological systems with high biodiversity.


Eugenia Morpurgo

Eugenia Morpurgo

Designer, her practice studies the environmental, economic and cultural impact that production processes have on society through the prototyping of scenarios and products based on open and appropriate technologies. She is currently a PhD student at the IUAV University in Venice where she is studying the relationship between agroecology and biomaterial production.